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A Brief History of Data Governance

Data management has gone through significant changes in the 20 years that I’ve been in this business. Data emerged out of the lockboxes of disparate legacy transactional systems, and data management came to be a separate and sophisticated discipline enabled by advanced software and hardware. Gone are the days when most people needed to be […]

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Data Governance Framework

A Simple Data Governance Framework

It’s not surprising that to new comers, data governance seems very fuzzy and unwieldy. Terms like rules, policies, procedures, standards, process, data quality, security, decision rights, and accountability have been used commonly to describe various aspects of data governance. At first blush, they appear to be a collection of disconnected concepts. When we set out […]

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The future has arrived.

On Tuesday, we announced the Kalido Data Governance Director, a new product that will enable companies to operationalize their data governance programs. As is our heritage, we are taking a more strategic view, creating a “tops down” data policy driven system that will give companies the ability to manage data policies, operationalize data governance processes […]

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Where’s the focus?

As we moved from our market prototype to design, we had to ask ourselves one critical thing up front; where should we focus our efforts? As we scanned the market, we saw what people were calling “data governance”. Typically MDM applications with a business user interface that would give them the ability to “see” master […]

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Can we make it real?

The single biggest challenge for any software company is deciding what should go into their products. As we thought about the data governance, we considered the options; do we build on top of our existing MDM product or start from scratch? Most of the vendors we compete with in the MDM market were planning on […]

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