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How to Tame Big Bad Data

Lessons from "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig"

One of my kids’ favorite books is the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, which upends the classic tale of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. There’re good lessons in it relevant to data management. Everywhere we hear the talk of Big Data, both about handling the explosive growth of […]

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New Survey Shows Urgent Need for Data Governance Technology

Information Difference just published a new study based on a survey exploring the links between data governance, master data management (MDM) and data quality. While it’s full of insights, I’m particularly struck by how urgently companies are expressing the need for data governance technology. Demand for products come from expressed need or latent need. When […]

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Data Governance is a Prerequisite for Effective MDM and Data Quality

Dave Waddington is senior vice president and co-founder of The Information Difference, an analyst firm specializing in data quality, master data management (MDM) and data governance. He is a recognized authority and practitioner in the field of data management and has advised both vendors and corporations on data management strategy and architecture. The Information Difference […]

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Don’t Get Caught in Data Governance Traps

I sat down to write a piece on one of the more serious and pressing topics around data governance – the challenges of adoption and organizational resistance to change.  When I did so, I got very serious and began to choose my words very carefully and solicited the feedback from several others to make sure […]

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Make your data warehouse built to last

When you hear something is built to last, what do you think? You might think of it as sturdy, solid and holds up to wear and tear. Those are great attributes for a building or a truck. But are those the attributes you want to think about when you want a data warehouse that is built to last?

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