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Business models drive agility

In this post I want to show you one of the key components to achieving an agile data warehouse – the business information model. We use this capability to drive everything in and about the warehouse – its structure, its content and its ability to rapidly change. The business model gives us a common language […]

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Is Data Quality Dead?

At the Gartner MDM Summit this spring, Ted Friedman pronounced that the Data Quality Magic Quadrant would probably disappear soon. (I’m sure an analyst of Ted’s caliber will find a new Magic Quadrant to own.) Recently, I was on the panel of the TDWI MDM/Data Governance/DQ Super Webinar. Another panelist and a respected figure in […]

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Announcing The Cascaded Data Warehouse

A “no compromises” approach to getting both fast load and fast query performance

Today we made an announcement about a very cool new capability in the Kalido Information Engine that we call a “cascaded data warehouse.” This new capability delivers a no compromise approach to getting BOTH fast data loads AND fast query response to users. The result is greater flexibility, faster speed and much stronger performance for […]

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Driving Data Governance Past Cultural Roadblocks

Overcoming resistance to change

Recently, I wrote about getting caught in such data governance traps as pursuing quality for the sake of quality and imposing change on an organization without considering the cultural impact. In this post, I’ll explore the issue of corporate culture and what it takes to overcome barriers to change. By nature, governance institutes change. Mandating […]

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Does your data hurricane have a name?

I’m sitting here in Boston listening to all the weather prognosticators about Hurricane Earl which is currently bearing down on the Eastern seaboard. What’s fascinating is the wide variance of reports; I swear some of these reporters are being paid by Home Depot so people buy more “storm supplies.” While a hurricane is no laughing […]

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