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Managing Master Data Using Federalist Principles

Federalism in Data Management Series: No. 2

In the early days of MDM, a common question was, “union or intersection?” Business Unit A has 30 attributes for customer. Business Unit B has 50. 10 of them are common. The question was, in other words, “should MDM manage all 70 attributes, or just the 10 common attributes?” The image conjured up in my […]

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Measuring data governance programs

What to measure depends on what you want to find.

Assessing the impact of any program or initiative requires measurement of outcomes to determine progress toward objectives.  While this may be a blinding glimpse of the obvious, we have to ask ourselves “what is the desired outcome that we want to achieve” before we can decide what to measure and how to measure it.  This […]

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United States Constitution and Data Governance

Federalism in Data Management Series: No. 1

In 1787, there was such a thing called “The United States of America”, but it didn’t have a lot of power. The real power was held by the 13 former colonies, or states, each of which is a sovereign nation with its own laws, currency, and taxes. The United States of America was formed 6 […]

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