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Data Quality Measurement: Looking Beyond the Obvious

In my blog post “Measuring data governance programs,” I discussed four distinct categories of measurement that apply to data governance programs: level of policy compliance (addressed in “Data Policy Compliance: Beyond Crime and Punishment”), level of data quality, impact on business performance, and performance of data governance processes. By measuring your program across multiple dimensions, […]

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The Biggest Philosophical Debate in Data Management

In a recent webcast I did with Jim Harris, he talked about two views of data quality: provider centric and consumer centric. According to the provider centric view, data are just digital representations of real world things. If the representations are accurate, then you can use them for anything. In other words, data is good as […]

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Does Big Data Mean Good Data?

Welcome the newest, biggest, baddest buzzword to the technology stage – Big Data. The acceleration of data created through social media, tracking devices and the internet is giving companies a unique opportunity to learn more about their customers, target their marketing and sales campaigns more effectively and become more efficient. Big data has been around […]

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Business predictability from an ant’s viewpoint

“Been days when it pleased me, To be on my knees… Following ants as they crawled across the ground.” –Willie Nelson As does Willie Nelson, I live in Texas. For all I know, fire ants might be our state insect. But I sort of hate them. From Houston to Dallas, San Antonio to El Paso […]

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Data Governance Should Not Be a Clandestine Effort

A few months ago, I talked about data governance with a data architect at a large retailer. He had built the rough outline of what’s in Kalido Data Governance Director — in Excel! Needless to say our views are pretty much aligned. When I asked him how he intended to roll out his Excel framework, […]

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