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The need for speed is real

A few years ago when I worked at PeopleSoft, we were marketing the concept of “real time” applications, the theory being that customers who could deliver in real time would have an edge on their competitors. The reality is that most applications still had some batch process, and that the real-time components only affected a […]

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Impact of Data Governance on Business Performance

Your KPI, my process, someone else’s data

I’ll be continuing the discussion started in my post Measuring data governance programs in which I highlighted four distinct categories of measurement that apply to data governance programs: level of policy compliance, level of data quality, impact on business performance, and performance of data governance processes. Driving the greatest return on the investment in data […]

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Please Stop Trying to Come Up with a Single Enterprise Definition of Customer

Try this. Think back through all the data warehouse, MDM, BI and other assortment of data management projects that you’ve been involved in. Can you think of a case in which an entire enteprise adopted a single definition of customer? Or a single definition of product? Your project team might have put together a definition. […]

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Achieving Fully Governed Master Data

This is my third and final post in my series about what to look for in your master data management solution. The first topic was about modeling your master data, the second was mastering the data, and this one is about governing the master data. As you have read elsewhere in the Kalido Conversations blog, […]

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Kill the mouse, Daddy!

Those were the words my son used a few years ago when he spotted a baby mouse limping across our kitchen floor. It was so lame I could pick it up and put it outside, but the visceral reaction he had was the same one many of us have to bad data. You see, I […]

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