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How effective is your data governance program

Measurement and accountability drive process efficiency

In this, the conclusion of my blog series on “Measuring data governance programs,” I’ll be exploring the need to measure data governance process performance and techniques you can use to ensure that those processes are operating optimally. The last few posts expressed the need to measure data governance programs from various perspectives to ensure that […]

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Key capabilities for data governance

As you read recently, Kalido announced a new version of Kalido Data Governance Director that added new capabilities that further automate data governance programs, improving efficiency of business processes through delivery of trusted information. To better explain what these capabilities are, I sat down with Lovan Chetty, our product manager for Kalido Data Governance Director, […]

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Teradata Pyramid

Forget Multi-Domain; Integrated Master Data Is the Prize

Over just a couple of short years, every MDM product in the universe has become multi-domain, the enterprise software edition of Extreme Makeover. Let’s not even get into data governance… Why is multi-domain important? Because in the beginning of MDM, companies started with a single domain — in almost all cases either customer master or […]

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Data Integration, Profitable Business Decisions & the Lawn Man

My lawn man fired me last week.  Actually, he fired my wife Candy and I was just the collateral damage. To explain, he has been maintaining our yard for my wife the past five years.  I know this because the cancelled checks come my way every month at statement time. We got the call on […]

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Work Done by a Spring

Physics of Information Management: Work Done by a Spring

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