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Changing the Definition of Data Warehouse

For years the term data warehouse has often been synonymous with “inflexible,” and “prone to break when changes needed to be made” – but today organizations are leveraging data warehouses as the mechanism to ensure the right information is available for decision making at the right time. Forget traditional hand-coded models, today’s approach requires a […]

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Event: Kalido Customer & Partner Meeting

This week, we look forward to hosting a Customer & Partner Event for the EMEA region at the Hempel Hotel in London. The agenda, driven by customer and partner input, will feature a keynote presentation from Olympian Greg Searle who will  discuss the significant changes in technology over the last 20 years and how data […]

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The Balance of Terror: Modeling Balances as Transaction Data or Reference Data?

When recently pondering how balance data should be modeled, I was reminded of my favorite Star Trek episode, The Balance of Terror. Those sneaky Romulans had crossed the neutral zone and were destroying Federation outposts. Naturally, only the Enterprise was close enough to intervene. The Enterprise was faster than the Romulan ship and agile enough […]

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Data Efficiency and Agility Explained

We have written a lot about data agility and efficiency in the Kalido blog. I recently provided the results of our ETL-based Data Warehouses survey, and Allen Johnson wrote about the recent report “Measuring the Half Life of Data” by Nucleus Research. This report explored the value of data and the rate at which that […]

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Single Versions of the Truths

Good Data + Bad Process = Unpredictable Results, Bad Data + Good Process = Unpredictable Results

I just finished reading a blog by Forrester’s Connie Moore, “Do You Have a Single Version of Process?” on the Information Management website.  Having lived parts of my career in both the Business Process Management and Data Management worlds, I couldn’t agree with her more!  This piece helps to bring us back to earth regarding […]

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