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Does Big Data Mean Good Data?

Welcome the newest, biggest, baddest buzzword to the technology stage – Big Data. The acceleration of data created through social media, tracking devices and the internet is giving companies a unique opportunity to learn more about their customers, target their marketing and sales campaigns more effectively and become more efficient. Big data has been around […]

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Data Governance: Chicken, Egg or Bacon?

I recently read a great blog post by Dan Power on the “chicken and egg” problem surrounding data governance. Dan does a good job of breaking it down and offering some practical advice as to how to help business owners fix the problem. He suggests gathering information on pain points, taking surveys and providing an […]

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Does your data hurricane have a name?

I’m sitting here in Boston listening to all the weather prognosticators about Hurricane Earl which is currently bearing down on the Eastern seaboard. What’s fascinating is the wide variance of reports; I swear some of these reporters are being paid by Home Depot so people buy more “storm supplies.” While a hurricane is no laughing […]

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Data Governance: Necessity or Nicety?

If you're thinking about mobility, you better be thinking about data governance.

Since we announced Kalido Data Governance Director in June, we’ve seen a flurry of inbound activity. I tweeted this morning that our Lighthouse program is now oversubscribed, and could grow to as many as 20 companies this year.  We are also receiving an unprecedented number of calls from systems integrators wanting to know more and […]

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How Mature is Data Governance?

Last Thursday I was interviewed by Philip Russom, a veteran data management industry analyst, during a great webinar on MDM and data governance hosted by TDWI. In a report published in 2008, Philip wrote that “software automation specifically designed for data governance is somewhat light.” He repeated the other day that there remains a dearth […]

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