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A Retrospective: My 10 Years at Kalido

In two weeks, I will leave Kalido to take a one-year sabbatical. My wife and I together with our two children will live on a remote island in the northern part of Norway. The location admittedly is unusual. My wife is Norwegian, and we want our children to know the culture and language. Plus, we […]

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Top 2 Advise for Making Data Governance Sustainable

Establishing a data governance program is not easy: a company I talked to recently is now trying to do it again, hoping that the third time is charm. How to establish a sustainable data governance program? Much has been written in blogs and spoken in conferences on this topic, so I’m not going to produce […]

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Sagrada Familia

Building Data Cathedrals

On a recent trip to Barcelona, I did an exceedingly rare thing for a business trip: I went sight-seeing. The top of my list was Sagrada Familia, a gigantic modern cathedral designed by eccentric Spanish architect Antoni GaudĂ­. After standing in line for nearly an hour to get in, I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed: […]

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Teradata Pyramid

Forget Multi-Domain; Integrated Master Data Is the Prize

Over just a couple of short years, every MDM product in the universe has become multi-domain, the enterprise software edition of Extreme Makeover. Let’s not even get into data governance… Why is multi-domain important? Because in the beginning of MDM, companies started with a single domain — in almost all cases either customer master or […]

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Work Done by a Spring

Physics of Information Management: Work Done by a Spring

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