How to build a business model

John Evans

In my last post I included a video that gave you a tour of a business model that was already built. This post includes a new video about how to build the model from scratch, and how it relates to a specific business event that everyone can understand. This video is much more high level and gives you a better idea on how to approach building a model.

You’ll notice in this video that I only touch the keyboard to type in names. All the objects created in the model are done with mouse-based gestures – by clicking the right-mouse button and dragging in a particular direction, or holding down the Ctrl key, you can automatically create the desired object type without having to select what you’re doing from a menu palette. Compared to something like PowerPoint or Visio, it is a much faster and easier way to develop a business model. And as I explained previously, the Kalido Information Engine reads in these models and automatically builds the structures for your warehouse.

I encourage you to try it out for yourself. You can download a free copy of the Kalido Business Information Modeler from here. Then sit down with your non-technical business counterpart and model out something they want to analyze. Let me know how you make out!

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