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United States Constitution and Data Governance

Federalism in Data Management Series: No. 1

In 1787, there was such a thing called “The United States of America”, but it didn’t have a lot of power. The real power was held by the 13 former colonies, or states, each of which is a sovereign nation with its own laws, currency, and taxes. The United States of America was formed 6 […]

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Organizational Structure Underpins Data Governance

Three Data Warehouses, or One?

Several years ago, I spent a wonderful week in São Paulo to help a customer answer a simple question: three data warehouses, or one? Here’s the background. For many years, the Latin America region of a very big consumer packaged goods company operated as a loose collection of about 30 independent companies spread in 20 countries. […]

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Why Do We Need Another Data Governance Maturity Model?

And how your organization can benefit from it

About a month ago, we announced the Kalido Data Governance Maturity Model. Right after that, we got an email from a concerned analyst. He asked, “Why do we need another data governance maturity model? And are you getting into the consulting business and competing with us?” No, we’re absolutely not getting into the consulting business. […]

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Driving Data Governance Past Cultural Roadblocks

Overcoming resistance to change

Recently, I wrote about getting caught in such data governance traps as pursuing quality for the sake of quality and imposing change on an organization without considering the cultural impact. In this post, I’ll explore the issue of corporate culture and what it takes to overcome barriers to change. By nature, governance institutes change. Mandating […]

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How to Tame Big Bad Data

Lessons from "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig"

One of my kids’ favorite books is the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, which upends the classic tale of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. There’re good lessons in it relevant to data management. Everywhere we hear the talk of Big Data, both about handling the explosive growth of […]

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